EROS, Love-life in Ancient Greece


Stella Kalogeraki
SoftBack, 144 Pages | 120X215
ISBN: 978-960-6848-01-8

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Gods and heroes full of weaknesses fall in love and ‘suffer’ just like mortals. Humans are captives of primordial passion, but free to express it and channel it at will. Worshippers of the beautiful, of the ‘good’, of the comely, they live, teach, learn and fall in love without pausing for breath, without respite, all within a single framework – a ‘totality’ that is complete, and primarily qualitative. Philosophers deep in their musings, ‘seeking’ love, pleasure, true happiness…Women in seclusion, but mistresses of the most fundamental microcosm, marriage and the family. Women free to offer their bodies in an exchange or for payment, within a strictly defined legal framework. Temple prostitutes, courtesans, concubines, harlots, native or foreign, of little culture, of great culture, powerful women, not so powerful women – with clear and designated roles, they participate actively in the fabric of society. And above all – artists, sculptors, painters, and vase-painters ‘observe’ and ‘record’, their eyes and their tools capturing erotic moments of the present, historical sources of the future…

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