Mediterraneo art & crafts and Mediterraneo
gifts can already be found in museum shops in
Greece and around the world.

Also we make custom products for Tourist Industry
(Hotels, Shops), Thematic parks etc.

We specialize in Ancient Greek Culture and Greek Nature but we are able also to translate your museum collection into a one-of-a kind product line of high-end art gifts, with a distinctive look and great marketability. Thanks to our in-house design with two offices in Athens and in Crete , and in house print and production facilities we help you with quick product introductions and immediate restocking, whether it is for an exhibition or any other short deadline. we help you to get your products customized and fast delivered in small quantities. Based on your idea, on your image, a logo , we will work together with you to develop the initial concept into a product that is just right for your museum or as a giveaway for your company.
This could be for a single product, or even for an entire collection.


Please contact us to find out how we can translate your ideas into articles,
or how to develop your exhibition highlights into commercial designs