Kids Book – Greek Mythology / The Gods of the Ancient Greeks


Stella Kalogeraki
Hardback cover, 36 Pages | 235X225mm
ISBN: 978-960-6848-15-5

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Big bang, bam, boom! The noise must have been deafening.
But nobody heard it, because nobody – and nothing – existed then! After that? There was…Chaos. Yes, that was created first of all – Chaos, and in it Eros and Gaia (Earth). This is how Hesiod, a farmer from Boeotia who had the gift of poetry, imagined the creation of the world. But his undisciplined mind was unable to stop there. “So – Chaos was created, Gaia (Earth) and Eros (Love).
What about the rest? What about the gods? Who gave birth to the gods?” He thought and thought over again. He really put his mind to it, saying that the story went on…

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English, Greek, French, German, Russian